Friday, 31 January 2014

Honey, we're home!...

... well, sort of... we have moved into our new house! Yay! We are mostly unpacked, but, of course, the making the house our home bit is still in progress. But, more about this later...

As you can imagine, moving day was intense! And so was the first week! On the day itself, we organised for our son to be at nursery all day (he's normally in just in the morning), but our girl was with us, which was challenging and meant that Mrs Control Freak here couldn't do as much - at least I got to boss people around politely tell people what to do. With the help of removal people, we survived it, but it was non-stop! I had planned this very organised move - yeah, right! It started well, but it all went out of the window as the moving day approached, culminating in the let's-just-get-everything-in-the-van moving technique. Yep, I don't think I'll be moving again anytime in this century!

But, hey, we got in and all of our possessions made it here safely too (despite using the above method to move them). We were so excited to be here and to see all the space. We just imagined the kids growing up and playing here. Then, as the house got progressively full of boxes and stuff and realising that it needed a lot of cleaning (which meant we couldn't start unpacking properly until some of the cleaning was done), I became less excited and more stressed. Basically, for the first week I just freaked out a lot, thinking about the amount of work we had to do and the lack of time to do it all in. But, hubby didn't want me to throw things at him was very supportive and helped me get all the cleaning  and some of the unpacking done, so by the end of the first week, I could finally enjoy the house and watch the kids enjoy the space too. I could also start visualising and planning for the changes I would like to implement in future to make it our home.

So, yes, we're unpacked and the house is functional, but it doesn't yet feel 100% like home. We need to put our stamp on it, make it ours. And I'm very excited to do so!

I have taken photos and have lots of posts planned, including a photographic tour of the house, but I need to get my thoughts and photos organised before I can share them here - soon. Can't wait!

Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New beginings

Happy New Year!

I've disappeared from here not for lack of subjects to blog about, but due to complete lack of time! There was so much going on in the last few weeks that B's Nest was sadly, but temporarily abandoned.

The good news is that in the middle of all the chaos of buying and selling house process/ preparing for trip away with family over festive season/ travelling over festive season/ 5 month old baby teething/ 5 month old baby yelling in frustration because it seems she wants to run around and do everything her 2 year old brother does, but all she can manage is to sit up/ 2 year old running around, we have made quite a lot of progress on the house move front. We are moving next week!!!! Yay - so excited! - and yikes - so much to do!!!

This is the beginning of a packing frenzy weekend! I do plan to blog about the move and, of course about the new house, but it'll have to be once we've moved and settlex somehow. I wish there were more hours in the day to do it all, because I'm looking forward to writing all about it, but I need time to organise my thoughts and photos too. So, I'll be back here with lots to tell as soon as I can!

And let the chaos begin!